Location of OLYMPIC Apartment A205

Modern apartment complex OLYMPIC PARK...
    ...where the OLYMPIC Apartment A205is is located in the eastern part of Kolobrzeg, about 100 meters from the clean, wide and sandy beaches. This is the area within Health Resort Zone „A” and area of ​​protected coastal landscape Natura 2000. Besides is a bike path with a total length 30km, running to the west by Seaside Promenade, and on the east by Natura 2000 Park, which is the site of habitats of rare species of birds and curative peat deposits.
GPS N: 54° 11' 17" E: 15° 36' 14"

         Kolobrzeg is a resort town located in the Baltic Sea, at the mouth of the Parsęta river. Here, a population of about 50,000 permanent residents, and in summer this number increases up to 300%. Not incidentally speaks of him as the capital of the coastal resorts, Kolobrzeg is because the biggest Polish spa!
         Blow here from the sea winds that bring clean air, saturated with iodine and sea spray, a few in our country, the source of the brine and mud deposits, and this sunny coastal beaches make Kolobrzeg is widely regarded as one of the healthiest cities in Polish, valued resort and perfect year-round recreation.
         Location makes the mildest climate exists in Poland, hence the smallest temperature variation in the year. Winters are short here, with marginal snow, while in summer we can enjoy a large number of sunny days.
         Alleys for walking and cycling paths, spa park, stretching along the beach from the far eastern beaches, the whole district sanatorium until the port conducive to outdoor activities while on holiday at the seaside.